Epishine (Linköping, Sweden) and Optiqo (Linköping, Sweden) have collaborated to create a brand-new version of Optiqo's QlvrBox powered with organic solar cells optimised to harvest indoor lighting. The solution is now available for order worldwide. This version of the QlvrBox enables improved sustainability, monitoring and quality management of cleaning and facility management services.


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“Our industry has proved to be resilient in the last year. The positive trend which we have seen at the beginning of this year has stabilized,” reviews Dr Klaus Hecker, OE-A managing director, the results of the latest business climate survey. A biannual survey conducted by OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), a Working Group within VDMA (Mechanical Engineering Industry Association). Twice a year, OE-A members – from material suppliers to end users – are asked to provide qualitative data on the state of the industry and their expected sales development. These surveys shed light on the anticipated growth of the flexible, organic, and printed electronics industry.


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As world leaders gathered in Glasgow to discuss climate policies, there was inevitably constant discussion on energy transition towards sustainable renewable sources.


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The Swedish solar energy leader Midsummer has entered into a partnership with the Italian research consortium Hypatia to provide ultra-lightweight thin film solar cells for a number of cutting-edge projects, including a space mission to the stratosphere planned for October 2022.



PragmatIC Semiconductor, a world leader in flexible electronics, has recently announced that Birger Steen has joined its Board of Directors. Steen is board chair of multiple technology businesses including Internet of Things pioneer and global Bluetooth LE market leader Nordic Semiconductor ASA, business network innovator Pagero AB, and German care technology leader myneva Gmbh.