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Signostium, a Swedish frontrunner in facility management solutions, develops digital door and information-signs, powered by Epishine's (Linköping, Sweden) market leading printed solar cells. This technology not only streamlines administration and management processes but also aligns seamlessly with Signostium's mission to pioneer a more sustainable and efficient way of distributing information in facilities.


Epishine (Linköping, Sweden), a leading energy impact company, aiming to redefine the capture of light has successfully completed an investment round, securing an impressive 60 million SEK in funding. This substantial investment is expected to propel the company's expansion plans, enabling further growth and advancements.


With the rapid growth of IoT devices, the European Commission predicts that a staggering 78 million batteries will be discarded daily by 2025. The urgent need for a sustainable solution to address this issue has never been more critical.

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