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VTT Works with Companies to Develop Wearable Sensors for Health and Wellness

More and more wearable electronics are used for monitoring health and wellness. A project coordinated by VTT is researching new measurement technologies to produce continuous, more accurate data on the wearer’s health in a cost-effective way. New measurement methods can also make treatments more comfortable for patients, allowing patients to move more freely and improve patient safety.

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Vital signs monitoring capabilities get a boost thanks to ams OSRAM’s ultra-low noise AFE sensor technology for wearables

ams OSRAM (Premstätten, Austria), a global leader in intelligent sensors and emitters, has launched the AS7058, an analogue front end (AFE) which enables manufacturers of smart watches, smart rings and other wearable devices to improve the accuracy and reliability of vital signs measurements derived from photoplethysmographic (PPG) or electrical signals while extending battery run-time.

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Linxens: Revolutionising connected healthcare through printed electronics

Recent years have seen strong development in printed electronics capacities and applications for healthcare. Linxens (Mantes-La-Jolie, France), as a global leader, has massively invested to accelerate development of connected health solutions utilising its recognised expertise in printed electronics through three main technology segments:

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