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Organic and printed electronics has developed into a global market worth more than $35bn. While OLED displays currently play the biggest role, in the coming years strong growth is expected in other applications such as NFC/RFID, sensors, wearable electronics, and in the automotive and medical industry sectors. These trends are also reflected in the eighth edition of the Roadmap published by the OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association), a working group within VDMA.


Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) has entered into a collaboration with NxtGen Nano, Inc. (NXN) to expand the range of colours for electrochromic inks. The parties engage to bring NXN’s electrochromic polymer (ECP) technology into global product platforms by utilising Ynvisible’s electrochromic systems, and its comprehensive portfolio of design and manufacturing services. In turn Ynvisible will utilise NXN’s ECP technology to expand its portfolio of electrochromic inks for printed interactive graphics.

Sun Chemical has issued a statement concerning the situation of the supply chains during the ongoing coronavirus crisis (photo: @geralt –

As the Coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) spreads, Sun Chemical (Parsippany, New Jersey) continues to monitor the changing economic landscape and the impact to its global supply chain. In response, the company has issued the following statement from Jeffrey Shaw, chief supply chain officer.

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