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At this year’s FINAT Awards presentation, Schreiner Group celebrated an outstanding success: The high-tech company impressed the judging panel in as many as four different categories. A particularly remarkable prize, the prestigious Innovation Award, went to PlasmaPatch from Schreiner ProTech using printed electronics for wound healing.


Pollux (Swartsjö, Sweden), one of Epishine’s (Linköping, Sweden) first customers, which already has two light-powered products on the market, is now revealing a new product in the Hadar family: “Hadar Cold”, a connected sensor for sub-zero temperatures. The sensor is designed to help preserve, extend, and ensure the shelf life of refrigerated products, without the maintenance cost for replacing batteries.


Kateeva (Newark, California) recently announced a strategic partnership with Pixelligent (Baltimore, Maryland). The collaboration is focused on improving light output efficiency in OLED mobile phones by optimising an inkjet-printed planarization layer over microlens arrays. Both companies lead in their respective display sectors—Kateeva with its inkjet printing equipment solution that leads the market for OLED thin film encapsulation (TFE), and Pixelligent as the pioneer of fully formulated high-refractive index materials engineered for sustainability.

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