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LOPEC 2024: Printed electronics serving patients

LOPEC, the world’s leading exhibition and conference for flexible, organic and printed electronics, will be held in Munich from 5-7 March 2024. Under the focus topic of Smart Living, companies and researchers will show how printed electronics is making the health sector fit for the future.

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Fraunhofer IZM: ECG with a patch – APPLAUSE European collaborative project successfully completed

Researchers from Fraunhofer IZM (Berlin, Germany), together with 31 partners from industry and research, have developed a stretchable and wireless patch that can be used to conduct diagnostically relevant cardiac monitoring in every-day life. This will reduce the number of in-patient examinations required for high-risk patients. It also boosts the semiconductor value chain for the medical sector in Europe through the development of new tools, methods and processes for series production.

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Metafas: SentiSock allows early stress recognition in care for the disabled

The SentiSock, manufactured by Metafas (Asten, The Netherlands) on behalf of healthcare technology company Mentech, helps with early stress recognition in the disability and elderly care sector. This advanced sock is designed to detect stress early by measuring physiological parameters, such as skin conductance, heart rate and movement. In combination with artificial intelligence, the SentiSock provides caregivers with a valuable tool to better understand and manage otherwise unintelligible behaviour in patients.

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