New issue of OPE journal with a strong focus on wearables: "Powerful performance"

The new magazine provides a comprehensive overview of the latest trends in the field of printed electronics. A special focus is on wearables and their potential applications.

The highly dynamic product and market development of wearables worldwide is an opportunity for OPE journal to take a closer look. That's why the magazine has asked experts from leading international technology companies to give their views on wearables and the market, analyse the relevant trends and present the most important innovations.

Thus, OPE journal covers the entire value chain, from components, substrates and conductive inks to manufacturing processes. The magazine also looks at the role of printed electronics, the diverse applications of wearables, the resulting importance of data management and sustainability. Not forgetting innovative test methods, which are becoming increasingly important as the functionality and reliability of wearables, especially in the medical field, can save lives.

In their guest contributions, companies such as Beneli, Ynvisible, Screentec, Saralon and Bayflex Solution present the latest developments. Expert Wolfgang Mildner, Chair of the LOPEC trade fair and founder of MSWtech, also has his say.

The magazine also reports on the latest developments and research results in the field of printed electronics as well as on a new and unique competence centre for battery cell production that is currently being built in Münster, Germany.

OPE journal 47 is available online at the following link: OPE journal

Caption: OPE journal website and the cover of the new issue.

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