Exhibitions / Events

The 19th International Coating Symposium on 4 November was successfully held in virtual format in Coatema´s own tv studio. The manufacturer from Dormagen, Germany, stated that the premiere was well received.


Exhibitions / Events

E Ink Holdings (Billerica, Massachusetts), a leading innovator of electronic ink technology, has won the TCSA 2020 Corporate Sustainability Report Award – the Gold Award in Electronics Manufacturing Industry for the fourth consecutive year. This year, E Ink also won the Taiwan Enterprise Sustainability Excellence Award, the Social Inclusion Award and the Growth through Innovation Award from the Best Practice Award Categories, also awarded by TCSA. "The 13th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA)" were presented by the Taiwan Academy of Corporate Sustainability, and are the most representative corporate sustainability awards in Taiwan that evaluate the sustainable and environmental, social, governance (ESG) performance of companies against international and comprehensive standards. In 2020, 252 companies participated in this award competition, and E Ink is recognised for its outstanding performance in the environment, society and corporate governance.


Exhibitions / Events

Recently, OLEDWorks was awarded the Manufacturing Innovation, Small Business award at the virtual Technology and Manufacturing Awards hosted by the Rochester Business Journal in the state of New York. OLEDWorks won this award last year as well. As a key part of Rochester’s growing technology industry, the company has been supported and honoured at this RBJ ceremony for many years. The team was excited to see the first virtual version of the show this month.


Companies / Markets

Neotech AMT and the TAMS-group at the University of Hamburg have announced the development of a camera-based monitoring system for additively manufactured objects with integrated electronics (Project: KAM EI). The project, funded by the central innovation programme for SMEs (ZIM) from the German Federal Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi), will run until September 2022.



TNO at Holst Centre (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) supports companies in the development of interactive surface technologies using structural electronics based on printed electronics that can be formed into any 3D shape, making rigid printed circuit boards a thing of the past. Printed circuit boards demand volume, cannot be adjusted in shape and are less cost-effective. With the approach TNO at Holst Centre has developed for structural electronics, both graphic and electronic parts are printed directly onto the backside of a substrate, creating a closed and smooth surface that contains all electronic functionalities. Touch buttons and icons can be located anywhere, on any surface and in any size. Technology design is therefore no longer restricted and pre-defined.