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The global semiconductor market is growing rapidly. The growth is driven by advancements in IoT, automotive and 5G requiring faster chips that use less power. EUV lithography is a giant leap forward, yet defects in printing remain the greatest constraint to EUV uptake. Silicon is reaching its physical limits too, calling for new material innovations to keep Moore’s Law on track.


For some time now, the technology company Continental has been equipping many of its rubber and plastic products with sensor technology, e.g. for condition monitoring, efficiency control and process regulation. With the goal of more comprehensively equipping its rubber and elastomer solutions with sensor technology and intelligent systems, Continental has launched a collaboration – the sensIC project – with partners from industry and R&D. As the collaborative coordinator, Continental is driving the project forward with its integrated sensor technology based on printed electronics for hoses and lines installed in electric vehicles.


At the Freiburg, Germany, location, technology company Continental is pooling its expertise in functional printing in a Technology Center with state-of-the-art machinery. At the heart of this is a printing machine specially developed for functional printing. It enables the use of numerous printing processes and can process a wide range of materials – from artificial leather to metal, from paper to rubber. So far the company has invested around €2.5M in its location in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

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