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Timestrip (Cambridge, UK), developer of smart indicator technology, is launching a completely new range with two electronic temperature indicators. They will be important in monitoring the safe storage and transportation of a wide range of goods including pharmaceuticals, vaccines, healthcare, food produce, adhesives and inks.


At this year's CES, which is being held virtually due to COVID-19, VARTA, the battery technology company from Ellwangen, Germany, is introducing the new A4 generation of lithium-ion button cells. Like its previous generations the CoinPower cell offers the highest energy density in the smallest space.


Coming to CES 2021, Aromeo Sense is a modern wellness device that transforms your bedroom atmosphere into any mood using a synergy of aroma, light, and music therapy. The aromatherapy works through a diffuser body that provides waterless diffusion of 3 natural fragrance pods made from 100% botanical and non-toxic ingredients. Its coloured light therapy is from a 40-LED light ring around the body of the diffuser, featuring 20 base colours, 6 animations, and limitless gradient possibilities. The device works with Aromeo App, which provides curated music therapy playlists and allows users to schedule sessions as well as customise their multi-sensory settings. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit.

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