6 Lighten up!
OPV may become the technology of choice for building integrated energy harvesting


Ready to change the game
Solliance produces the world’s first all-inkjet-printed OPVs


A matter of compromise
One important task for printed electronics companies is still to find applications and products where the new technology is superior to other technologies


Time for OPV to make headlines
Danish based scientists are handing out free OPV samples to schools, technologists and anybody interested in getting involved with this discipline


Thinking big
Digitally printed batteries could soon be produced in vast numbers,
powering applications from credit cards to drug delivery


Taking OPV Down Under
Australian researchers join forces to drive the country’s developments in organic photovoltaics


Small is beautiful
Researchers produce tiny batteries with a 3D printer


Stretching boundaries
Polyera is working on increasing the efficiencies of full polymeric solar cells


OPV breakthrough on the horizon
A new research consortium wants get OPV ahead with teamwork


Can you see through this?
Where efficiency and fabrication costs are concerned transparency has not had the best of records in OPV research


Solution that pushes growth
Liquid phase deposition can be used to grow solar cells on a flexible substrate


Change your paradigm
Stanford scientists question a widely held explanation for how organic photovoltaics turn sunlight into electricity


Boost your efficiency
Chinese and American scientists find a simple and cheap way to increase solar cell efficiency


Do it yourself batteries
Researchers have developed a carbon nanotubes based paste that works as the basis for flexible batteries


Berlin to buzz with originality
Germany’s first city to provide a spring welcome and capital innovations for experts and executives attending another edition of Printed Electronics Europe


Getting print into the action
InPrint 2014 wants to gather a cool collation of industrial printing under one roof


LOPEC is standing tall
LOPEC trade fair and congress in Munich counts as one of the most important events of the organic and printed electronics industry


Riding horses of steel
Why Frank Schäfer, Kroenert’s sales director new products is king of the road in his free time

1 A word of greeting
2 OE-A Members From All Over the World Attend Meeting
3 The Industry Must Come Together
LOPEC Start-Up Forum: Early Stage Companies Wanted
4 Scaling Up Production
IEC TC119 Working Groups Dealing With Standardization on Printed Electronics
5 News in Brief
Save the Date
6 Hot Topics in OPV Research
8 Machine Allows Low-Cost Customized Printing and Coating
9 Sometimes Only Little Power is Needed
11 Optimized Dies Pave the Way for New Products
12 No Chance for Poisonous Molds in the Food You Eat
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