Mind your head!
Flexible electronics helps to prevent severe injuries in contact sports


Breathe for peace of mind
South Korean scientist wants to diagnose diabetes and other severe diseases by analysing the breath through a portable device


Two heads are better than one
Measuring cholesterol may get much more convenient in the near future thanks to organic and printed electronics


Show your feelings!
Intelligent and interactive clothing could be a worthy field of activity for flexible and stretchable electronics


Close monitoring
New sensors are developed to monitor military and civilian personnel in critical positions


Flexibility is key
If applications are to be worn on or in the human body the power source of course also has to adjust to its conditions and shapes


Sensing inks
Intrinsiq Materials develops the inks for a British project that plans to produce tests that rapidly detect sexually transmitted diseases


Mother Nature’s finest
Carbon nanotubes transform spider silk into a conductive, multifunctional and eco-friendly material


Silver linings
Ag/AgCl inks can be used as a basis for various medical applications


Tailor made and fit for purpose
VDL FLOW designs and builds R&D and pilot manu-facturing lines for OPV and OLED for Solliance


Ditch the time wasters
Why infrared could be the right choice for the drying and sintering of printed electronics


A move towards mutual benefit
Ceradrop joins MGI Group and hopes to profit from its international network and proven technology


Tomorrow’s world
Stanford engineers build the world’s first basic computer using carbon nanotubes


Stand apart
A new project joins the work towards luminescent packaging based on OLED technology


Further growth ahead
OPE journal presents its latest study of the market for organic and printed electronics


A decade of printed electronics
The 10th Printed Electronics USA exhibition is driven by the desire to be at the forefront of innovation in the market


Premier of OPE-X China
New exhibition for the organic and printed electronics industry in Shanghai


Munich invites you to make yourself at home
LOPE-C’s second time around in Munich was able to even excel last year’s event


The horse whisperer
Michael Hecht and his four-legged ‘friends’ offer rather unusual training programmes for executives

1 A word of greeting
2 OE-A Elects New Board of Directors
3 Organic and Printed Electronics Reach Mass Markets
5 OE-A Announces Winners of LOPE-C Investor Forum Awards and Demonstrator Competition
6 Smart Devices and Printed Electronics for the Healthcare sector
8 Meeting the challenge:
Advancing the integration of electronic functions into textiles
8 Printed detection strips for the control of adherence to therapy
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