Picturing the future
AIPIA wants to help active and intelligent packaging advance and it argues that printed and organic electronics offers the means to achieve that end


Assessing the market
Raghu Das sees a great future for printed electronics in smart packaging. The most important thing will be creative product development


Nothing to waste
A Swedish project wants to make clinical trials of drugs more effective with intelligent packaging


The leader of the pack
Working together as a team is one sure way to get packs that incorporate printed electronics profitably into retail


Stay fresh and show it
Finnish experts are working hard on the future of smart food packaging, much of it with EU backing


To store and protect
Printed data storage labels are on the brink of entering the market and can be tailored to the needs of the customer


Making sense of temperature
Measuring temperature is a popular application of printed electronics related to packaging in general and food packaging in particular


They’ve got the power
Printed batteries will have an essential role to play in smart packaging applications


On display
Low power consumption and extreme robustness are among the most important traits complex applications will have to meet in smart packaging


Omnidirectional radiation
Scientists from Chemnitz bid to tackle major RFID problems by enhancing communication reliability and quality


In close collaboration
Since packaging is cost sensitive and all components need to be as inexpensive as possible, it is often better to work hand in glove with others to develop cost-effective solutions


Basking in the sun
Together Kroenert and Solar Press want to realise low cost, reliable production of OPV products


Tailored light
Fraunhofer ILT examines how laser processes can help printed and organic electronics advance


In high vacuum
The German SCHMID Group wants to conquer the FPCB market with its new sputtering system


Imitating nature
New research results open up the possibility to fabricate solar cells based on natural substrates


Bringing haptics to electronics
Electro mechanical polymers might be a perfect fit for future printed and organic electronics applications


Taking the next step
At LOPE-C the organic and printed electronics industry wants to show the progress it has made in recent years


A peep behind the scenes
Printed Electronics Europe grows after move to Internationales Congress Centrum in Berlin


A little closer to heaven
How Gerard Löbig, father of the new SCHMID Tetra Blue vacuum coating line, does his best thinking

1 A word of greeting
2 OE-A Calender of Events
3 Successful 29th Working Group Meeting in Portugal
4 Integrated Disposable Printed Biosensor
5 Interactive surfaces for smart packaging Optical sensors create the magic
6 Inorganic inks for OPV and OLED
7 Paper – oh the possibilities!
8 High Precision Web Transport for the Production of Polymer Electronics
9 Fine Line Screen Printing tested in Mass Production
10 Optimized multilayer slot die
11 Production and process monitoring during the roll-to-roll production of flexible electronics by integrated MES
12 Inkjet Printer for Printed Electronics with photonics curing technology
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