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Stretchable hybrid electronics
Panasonic researchers are developing novel materials enabling new stretchable circuit assemblies

Next-generation textiles
CPI works with Pireta to develop new smart clothing

Making personal health devices wearable
Liquid X and Bonbouton collaborate on creating advanced textile-based sensors

Functional and eye-catching
Research at Fraunhofer FEP showcases the possibilities of OLED integration in textiles

Inkjet printing in the textile industry
Inkjet printing technology has now reached an industrial scale where a significant increase in printing speed on the one hand and the large number of printable inks on the other hand allow a much wider range of applications

Biometric-enabled payment
Tappy presents wearable payment solution in cooperation with Expresspay Card

Monitoring CH4 and O2 gas levels in industrial and potentially hazardous environments
CeNTI, together with PROEF GROUP in Portugal, is developing a new concept of fully flexible printed e-nose sensors for industrial and potentially hazardous environments, for IoT and Industry 4.0 applications

Enabling flexible electronics integration
The experts at NovaCentrix and Holst Centre explain how photonic soldering enables off-the-shelf solders to bond surface-mount electronics to polymer films in seconds

TADF: A new material technology to improve the displays in consumer electronics products
According to CYNORA (Bruchsal, Germany), the consumer electronics market is undergoing a significant change. The OLED technology allows manufacturers to produce extremely thin and flexible displays

Shorter measuring times
Klaus Dieter Bauer from Fraunhofer IVV in Germany explains how it is possible to speed up the measurement of ultra-low water vapour permeation

Eye-opening research
Imec, Ghent University and SEED demonstrate electronics in hydrogel-based soft lenses

A new dimension of mobility
From 19 to 21 March 2019, LOPEC in Munich will provide information about new developments and trends on the market for printed electronics. One focus of the international exhibition will be the automotive industry

Setting the tone for 2019
On 22 and 23 January, the innoLAE conference and exhibition in Cambridge, UK, will be the first major event of our industry in the New Year

Mildern's Column: Interfaces – how to connect everything and keep the yield

Industrious worms
Engineers from the University of Pittsburgh find that nanotube interactions with silk fibroins hold the key to developing flexible, degradable electronics

Organic and Printed Electronics Industry expects an increase of percent in sales revenue in 2018

Connected World: From Stores to Sky – How Printed Electronics Play a Key Role in IoT

Updates on OE-A joint Pavilion and OE-A Conference Track at CES 2019

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