Making Wearables more wearable
In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Dr Mike Cowin from SmartKem discusses the future of wearable technology, which is also a major driver of the Internet of Things

Life-saving smart data
According to Gemalto, the Internet of Things has become a powerful tool in case of emergency

Smart solutions for the craft brew market
Thinfilm has teamed up with a local craft-beer marketplace to incorporate NFC OpenSense Technology into microbrew brands across the US

The future of fashion
Introducing Project Jacquard: Google and Levi’s come together to tackle wearable technology

The “Internet of Animals”
SMARTRAC unveils a ready-to-use animal ID implanting kit

Full service for printed electronics
OPE journal spoke with Dr Anna Zumbülte from the German-based print and finishing experts Saueressig

Combination is key
IN-CORE Systèmes and SEMILAB have developed a new metrology and characterisation platform

Printing experience meets material expertise
At drupa 2016, Continental and Henkel officially announced a cooperation agreement for the printed electronics sector

Complex movements easily parameterised
Industry 4.0 solutions from Rexroth are reported to reduce the time to process-reliable roll-to-roll machines

Smart jelly
A water-based material developed by MIT researchers could be used to make artificial skin and longer-lasting contact lenses

Promising growth rates for the display sector
In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Dr Shang-Wen Chang, president of the co-organising Taiwan Display Union Association (TDUA), provides insights into the upcoming Touch Taiwan 2016 tradeshow

Top marks from the industry
According to the organisers, drupa 2016 will be remembered as a major success. Printed electronics and other ‘future technologies’ were a central element of the world’s leading print tradefair

Printed electronics needs thinking in systems

With the power of the sun
Students of TU Delft have conquered the Australian desert with a solar-driven race car

Take part in the OE-A Competition 2017 and globally promote your printed electronics product and vision

OE-A Working Group Meetings around the world

High-performance OTFT technology brings the vision for connected lifestyles closer

The path to smaller IoT modules and thinner phones is paved with ink

Printed electronics enables internet of things

Hybrid Stick-it-on Devices: Enablers of the Internet of Everything

Form Follows Function: Framing the Future of Printed Electronics, Tangible User Interfaces and the Internet of Things

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