The future of automotive tail lights
At LOPEC 2016, Audi premiered its brand-new OLED tail lights

Digitally driven and three-dimensional
Optomec’s 3D printing systems are now used in the mass production of automotive and consumer electronics

Making automotive tyres “smart”
Silent Sensors has teamed up with CPI to develop
printed sensor technology for automotive tyres

‘Ready-to-go’ battery for space exploration
A research team at Kansas State University has developed a paper-like battery electrode using silicon oxycarbide glass and graphene

Eliminating blind spots
FlexEnable has unveiled the first integrated, conformed LCD display for automotive applications

A boost for OPV in Brazil
KROENERT and CSEM Brasil have celebrated the inauguration of a state-of-the-art production line for organic photovoltaics

Meat monitoring and shelf life prediction
The TOXDTECT Project aims at novel intelligent packaging solutions for fresh and perishable goods

Stronger together
The renowned coating machinery supplier Coatema recently announced a partnership agreement with the micro- and nano-structuring experts at temicon to form a new brand, TEMICOAT. OPE journal spoke to Thomas Kolbusch, vice president of Coatema, and Dr Oliver Humbach, CEO and founder of temicon, about their common plans

“The place to be”
More applications, more commercialised products and a record exhibitor turnout – LOPEC 2016 was a true success story 

Cutting edge technologies coming to market
The latest instalment of the renowned Printed Electronics Europe tradeshow and conference has experienced further record-breaking growth with attendance reflecting the increased interest in the products being realised

A big stage for the PE community
As the leading event for the worldwide print industry, the drupa tradeshow is also highly interesting for visitors from the printed electronics community 

Powering up mobile applications

“Insect invasion” on the tradeshow floor
Luminescent insects made from flexible, organic electronics have been a true eye catcher at LOPEC

The Organic and Printed Electronics Industry expects an increase of 11 percent in sales revenue in 2016

Well over 100 OE-A members met in Munich, Germany to discuss the latest developments in the organic and printed electronics industry

OE-A’s booth at LOPEC 2016 attracts countless curious visitors

OE-A announces winners of the OE-A Competition and LOPEC Start-up Forum

Connecting the Organic and Printed Electronics Industry at drupa 2016

The future is flexible in the automotive world

Smart control system for EELICON advanced electrochromic device

Driving towards self-illuminated materials and invisible interactive surfaces

Transparent Silver Electrode (TSE) as alternative to Indium Tin Oxide (ITO)

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