Bringing OLED-TVs to the big game
On the heels of LG Electronics’ first-ever Super Bowl commercial, the Korean corporation has announced its 2016 flagship OLED TV model

Brilliant views
The recent Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas and the IFA 2015 in Berlin experienced Samsung’s latest additions to its display portfolio

Unique possibilities
The German-based manufacturer of metalorganic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) equipment AIXTRON SE has come up with a novel production process for flexible OLED lighting applications

Next-generation functionality
Heraeus continues its long-term cooperation with ITRI to achieve breakthrough improvements in touch screen production

High accuracy web guidance
In sensitive applications like printed electronics, the precision of web guiding solutions has to fulfil highest demands. In this field, BST eltromat International from Bielefeld, Germany, offers a comprehensive portfolio

Next generation fingerprint detection
FlexEnable and ISORG have revealed the first large-area fingerprint and vein sensor on plastic

Advancing cooperation and research
In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Prof Zheng Cui of the renowned Chinese institute SINANO talks about his latest research in organic and printed electronics technology

Robotics to help the blind and visually impaired
A new technology jointly developed by the Universities of Nevada and Arkansas incorporates robotics with miniaturisation

Churning out biosensors
Fraunhofer FEP has developed structured metal-coated polymer films to produce affordable biosensors

“Quality in, quality out”
A capability study conducted by GM Nameplate, Chromaline and Engineered Material Systems has returned a newly designed PET substrate for screen printing in flexible printed electronics

“We don’t plan on slowing down”
Dr Fernando de la Vega, founder and CEO of the conductive nano-inks manufacturer PV Nano Cell, sat down with OPE journal to talk about the latest developments and projects in his company, which is based in Migdal Ha’emek, Israel

The thinner, the better
SCHOTT’s ultra-thin glass featured in fingerprint sensors in new smartphones promises reliability and strength

Focus on wearables and automotive
In early April, LOPEC will open its doors for researchers, material manufacturers, developers and users of printed electronics for the eighth time

Visions for the future of printed electronics
In late April 2016, decision makers and innovators will once again flock to Berlin for the latest edition of Printed Electronics Europe

Build more demonstrators!

‘Flower Power’ thanks to organic electronics
Using semi-conductive polymers, both analogue and digital electronic circuits can be created inside living flowers and plants

In Japan, OE-A and its members witnessed a promising start of the year 2016 for the printed electronics industry

Hold tomorrow’s technology in your hands – LOPEC 2016 Demo Line lets you experience the live production of printed electronics

OLED displays and lighting – LG’s commitment to the future of organic electronics

Excimer lasers enable large-footprint processing of thin display layers

Efficient OLED-Displays need blue emitters

Improving printing techniques to create large area OLED lighting and displays

Large area White-OLEDs for lighting: the challenges in the roadmap towards a simple and color tunable / stable device

HyLEDs combine the versatility of OLEDs without the need of encapsulating layers

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