Packaging – tomorrow’s world
In an exclusive interview with OPE journal, Eef de Ferrante, director of the Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association, talks about intelligent packaging solutions and the role of printed electronics in this sector

A brain for bottles
Diageo and Thinfilm have teamed up to develop the connected ‘smart bottle’

A place for ideas
To enhance their R&D efforts, Stora Enso and NXP have launched a cooperation and will open a new Innovation Centre soon

Quad to profit with partners
Belgian-based Quad Industries supplies a wide range of touch and switch solutions for various industries. In an exclusive interview with OPE journal R&D director Wim Christiaens shares insights into the latest projects of his company

Glass that bends – and doesn’t break
New Era Converting Equipment thrusts home the market for flexible glass substrates

Towards higher stability
The combination of nanowire-based material and crystal micro fibrils is a promising replacement for the current ITO-standard, claims Charles Neuman, founder and president of Poly-Ink, in an interview with OPE journal

Holographic display revolution
The Fraunhofer FEP Institute has recently unveiled a coating that will help to realise the backlighting for the holographic displays of the future

Taking a leap into the future
This year’s Printed Electronics Europe trade show simply buzzed with activity as an international high-quality audience and numerous renowned exhibitors from our industry jostled to glimpse a multitude of new star products

Conference with everything
This year’s Plastic Electronics Conference focuses on the topic, ‘Enabling the Internet of Everything’ and brings together several renowned speakers from our industry

Printed electronics from PCBs to PCFs

Greek sportsmanship packs punch
A team of employees from the Greek packaging producer Hatzopoulos took on the ultimate challenge for amateur runners – participation in a marathon

OE-A Meeting in Milan brings new insights and presents new Board of Directors

Hot off the press: New White Paper ‘OE-A Roadmap’

OE-A Calender of Events

Sensor detects spoilage of food
VTT Finland developed a sensor that detects ethanol – formed as a result of food spoilage – in the headspace of a food package. The sensor signal is wirelessly readable, for instance, by using a smartphone.

Temperature Data Logger Powered by Paper Battery
Using printed electronics in active packaging to guarantee product quality

Monitoring Volume in Fuel Tanks in Aircrafts using Printed Sensors
CENTI, Portugal is developing printed sensorial matrixes to monitor the 3D volume of fuel tanks by integrating the sensors directly into the composite structure of the fuel tank of an aircraft

Optimizing Lasers for Cost-Sensitive Healthcare Applications
A new generation of compact OEM lasers provides the performance and economy needed for important healthcare and bioinstrumentation sectors, such as gene sequencers and desktop analytical instruments intended for point of care.

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