OPE journal - No 1 2012


Pooling resources
Cooperation may be one way to get organic photovoltaics to a marketable position


for the records
The most efficient organic solar cell was not printed but produced using vacuum deposition


Precious rays of light
How OPV research and helping people in developing countries can go hand in hand


“We can imagine anything”
Outsourcing R&D projects works in the pharmaceutical industry and may well work in OPE


Scalability as a key to success
In emerging technologies like organic and printed electronics, laboratory lines need to be transferable to mass production says Miguel Friedrich of nTact


One system – limitless possibilities
Can completely different products such as battery electrodes and organic solar cells be processed on the same coating system? OPE journal asked a leading coating system manufacturer, Hamburg-based KROENERT GmbH & Co KG to comment


The better alternative
Sometimes old knowledge paves the way for new technologies


Helping the industry to get mature
How nanoparticle based liquids can enhance your products


Atom by atom
Atomic layer deposition is showing its strength where barrier properties are needed in flexible electronics


Mind the substrate
The role to be played by smooth films is sometimes still underestimated in organic and printed electronics so DuPont Teijin Films UK set out to educate this industry before it experienced problems downstream when it came to processing


All from one hand
A hybrid approach may be one way to ensure fault free production


Enabling the “Internet of Things”
Addressable memory make interaction with everyday objects possible


The future is already here
At LOPE-C in Munich you can take a look at fascinating new ideas and tomorrow’s solutions of the organic and printed electronics industry


A very fishy story
Head of Kroenert Group’s Technology Centre, Dr Wolfgang Neumann, seeks adventure in the land of the midnight sun

1 A word of greeting
2 Join the leaders in Organic and Printed Electronics
3 OE-A Calender of Events
4 OE-A Roadmap for Organic and Printed Electronics
6 Organic and Printed Electronics: OE-A Demonstrators Illustrate the Potential
9 PrintoCent Pilot Factory inauguration presenting new Coatema concept
10 OPV for Low-Cost Solar Energy – But How Low?
12 Method could pave way for lower cost, more flexible devices
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