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Purdue University: Future washable smart clothes powered by Wi-Fi to monitor health

Purdue University (West Lafayette, Indiana) engineers have developed a method to transform existing cloth items into battery-free wearables resistant to laundry. These smart clothes are powered wirelessly through a flexible, silk-based coil sewn on the textile.

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Leitners selects Plastic Logic display for new hybrid smartwatch

Plastic Logic, a leader in the design and manufacture of flexible, glass-free electrophoretic displays (EPDs), is providing innovative e-paper display technology for a new hybrid smartwatch from Czech Republic-based start-up, Leitners.

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Samsung researchers prove the viability of commercialised stretchable devices

With the establishment of flexible displays behind us, many have asked what the next big development in display technology will be. Recently, free-form displays have been gaining traction as next-generation technology that will allow for both high-resolution visuals and portability at the same time. While the technology is still in its nascent stages, significant research has been carried out on stretchable displays (a core technology for free-form displays) that can be stretched in all directions like rubber bands to change their shapes.

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