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A T-shirt with an integrated interactive game from NovaCentrix and Eurecat

From vision to project – OE-A Competition 2016 showcases innovative ideas at LOPEC 2016

Already in its fifth year, the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) organises a competition for its members from all different sectors of organic and printed electronics. Numerous international companies, research institutes and universities take part in this annual competition to present their ideas, prototypes, and concepts.

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A smart wristband from Plastic Logic at LOPEC 2015

Wearable tech boosts electronics sector at LOPEC 2016

LOPEC 2016, the leading European show for organic and printed electronics, will be taking place from 5-7 April in Munich, Germany, where the latest products, technologies and trends in printed electronics will be on display. Smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other wearable tech will be among the focal points at this year’s international trade fair, and they will also be on the agenda at the LOPEC conference, where top-class speakers from companies such as Adidas will be in attendance.

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'Intelligent' contact lenses may soon serve as computer displays according to researchers of the University of South Australia

University of South Australia’s contact lens to bring vision to the small screen

A polymer film coating with the ability to turn contact lenses into computer screens is set to transform the wearable visual aids into the next generation of consumer electronics.

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