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VARTA Microbattery focuses increasingly on wearables and new medical devices (photo: VARTA Microbattery)

VARTA Microbattery powers technology in sports medicine

Fitness trackers are bang on trend. Whether it is calorie consumption, number of steps or other physical and performance data – wristbands, smartphones and even headphones can measure how sporty we are and tell us where we ought to tweak our training. Lots of people also share their progress in social networks and encourage each other to up their game. Sports medicine technology is also a key theme at this year’s Medica.

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Peter Kallai, CEO of intelliFLEX (photo: intelliFLEX)

CPEIA rebrands as intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance, takes over STWIA

The intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance is the new name and new brand identity of the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association (CPEIA).

At the 2016 AGM in May, members granted the CPEIA and the board of the directors licence to expand the technology scope and membership of the association to include flexible, hybrid and wearable electronics, as well as rebrand the association. The new name reflects the diverse but interconnected nature of the technology and applications for printable, flexible, wearable and hybrid electronics.

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TOPPAN FORMS establishes technology for forming 4µm wide printed wires

The digital hybrid company TOPPAN FORMS Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has developed a technology for forming printed micro wires, which enables a wire width of 4μm that is almost invisible to the naked eye. The company has established this technology by combining a conductive ink for micro wiring (silver salt ink) and a corresponding printing process technology. The new technology can be used for transparent electrodes for touch sensor panels, wearable sensors, sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT), and similar devices.

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