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Interpretation of a mammogram by the radiologist (photo: Service communication – HNFC)

A French-Swiss consortium is conducting exploratory research to develop a “smart bra” for detecting breast cancer. It wants to leverage technological progress to offer a more accessible diagnostic method than mammography. This initiative – that involves five partners – is supported in France by the FEDER (European fund for regional development) and in Switzerland by the Confederation and the canton of Neuchâtel within the framework of the European programme for regional cooperation Interreg France-Switzerland.

CLEARink and FLEx want to bring the next generation of ePaper technology to the mass markets (photo: CLEARink)

CLEARink Displays (Fremont, California) and FLEx Lighting (Chicago, Illinois) have announced a collaboration to create the next generation ePaper display solution based on CLEARink’s ePaper 2.0 and FLEx’s ultra-thin front light. The companies had together built a prototype 9.7” colour ePaper display with front light and their tradeshow booth won the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the recently concluded Society for Information Display’s (SID) world renowned Display Week exhibition in San Jose, California.

A CoinPower cell being used in wireless earbuds for phone calls (photo: VARTA Microbattery)

To open or start a modern car, nobody has to use a key anymore. Today, miniature computers do the job, which are being upgraded by car manufacturers with more and more capabilities. These Smart Keys can do a lot more: For example, they provide information about the oil level, the remaining range, the filling level of the tank, the status of the doors and windows and the control of fully automatic parking and retrieval. To achieve all this smoothly, lithium-ion batteries with high energy density and capacity must be robust and reliable at the same time.

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