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Printed electronics has become an important field for Saueressig

The German company Saueressig GmbH  + Co. KG, a renowned expert in premium rotogravure and special machinery solutions, is exploring the printing properties of inks and coatings for all manners of applications. The interaction between the printing plate and the functional ink is critical to achieving optimum results. Complex inks in particular demand a great deal from the printing plate. The knowledge acquired in this area is now being used for printing on electronically functional materials.

Sri Peruvemba, new CEO of Quantum Materials

The leading quantum dot manufacturer Quantum Materials Corporation (San Marcos (TX), USA) announced that company board member Sri Peruvemba will be expanding his leadership role with the company to take the helm as Chief Executive Officer effective 30 June 2016.

Andrew G. Sculley, CEO of eMagin Corporation

During Display Week 2016 at the Moscone Conference Center in San Francisco, California, the eMagin Corporation’s senior vice president of R&D, Dr Amal Ghosh, presented a paper entitled “Directly Patterned 2645 PPI Full Color OLED Microdisplay for Head Mounted Wearables”. Immediately following the presentation of the paper, eMagin demonstrated for the first time in public a direct-patterned OLED micro-display that can reach a maximum luminance of 4500 nits with vivid colours and in full video mode.

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