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Making perovskite solar cells more sustainable, efficient and durable – these are the goals pursued by 13 European partners in the project SUNREY. The project aims to further push the development of highly-efficient solar cells based on non-critical raw materials and to strengthen the innovation potential of the European industry. SUNREY is funded by the European Union’s research and innovation programme Horizon Europe within the framework of the Green Deal Initiative with €4.25 Million. The three-year project started on 1 November 2022, and is coordinated by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Polymer Research IAP in Potsdam, Germany.


Midsummer is a leading Swedish developer and manufacturer of thin film CIGS solar cells. Recently, in a joint project with Prof. Yang, they have demonstrated a 4-terminal perovskite-CIGS tandem solar cell. It is based on a perovskite top cell that has been optimised for integration with Midsummer’s CIGS cells that are utilised in their commercial suite of BIPV products.


Swedish Epishine is launching their second revolutionary product to the market. Following their previous solar cells, the new OneCell has the same high performance in low-light, but with an added focus on design.

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