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Epishine and Raynergy Tek forge stronger partnership to drive innovation in sustainable indoor solar cells

With the rapid growth of IoT devices, the European Commission predicts that a staggering 78 million batteries will be discarded daily by 2025. The urgent need for a sustainable solution to address this issue has never been more critical.

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Dracula Technologies sets new standards in indoor light energy harvesting with 25% performance boost

Dracula Technologies (Valence, France), a renowned leader in energy harvesting from indoor light, introduces its latest breakthrough: the next generation of LAYER OPV modules. With an impressive 25% improvement in performance compared to its predecessor, this cutting-edge innovation is set to redefine the landscape of ultra-low-power devices, such as indoor IoT devices and wearables. The upgraded modules offer two significant advantages to customers: they can either generate 25% more power while occupying the same amount of space (750µW under 1000 lux, up from 570µW), or achieve the same power output, voltage, and current while utilising 25% less surface area. This major milestone marks the first step in Dracula Technologies' commitment to utilising more eco-friendly materials in their products.

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SALD expands to new high-tech location

In the course of its expansion, the Dutch company SALD BV has moved into new headquarters in Eindhoven. The technology hotbed has developed “Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition,” a globally unique, patented process for applying coatings as thin as a single atom on an industrial scale.

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