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A flexible lightweight solar panel from Midsummer (photo: Midsummer)

Midsummer proves minimal carbon footprint of its thin film solar cell production process

A new study commissioned by the solar energy technology leader Midsummer (Stockholm, Sweden) shows that the company’s proprietary flexible CIGS thin film solar module manufacturing process is much more environmentally friendly than other solar module production processes like e.g. for silicon modules.

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The University of Twente has a high reputation in nano-materials (photo: Solliance)

University of Twente and Solliance start collaboration

The University of Twente (The Netherlands) and Solliance Solar Research have started a long term collaboration, which focusses on the integration of thin film solar technology in building materials and flexible applications, and on further development and analyses of perovskite based solar cells. The University of Twente has joined all three shared research programmes at Solliance Solar Research as a partner.

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Meyer Burger and Mondragon will from now on collaborate in the PV module market (photo: Meyer Burger)

Meyer Burger enters into preferred partnership agreement with Mondragon Assembly

Meyer Burger Technology Ltd has entered into a preferred partnership agreement (PPA) with Mondragon Assembly Group, a global specialist in the development of automation and assembly solutions and an internationally recognised producer of equipment for the manufacture of solar modules. Both Meyer Burger and Mondragon view this as an important strategic milestone which further strengthens two global technology leaders in the PV module market.

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