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Printable electronics could cause a proliferation of smart, connected devices, from household appliances that can communicate with each other to medical diagnostic sensors that can be placed on the body to forgo invasive procedures. But the variety of printing surfaces poses a challenge, since a method used to print on a flat object may not be safe for use on human skin or applicable for complicated textures and shapes.


InnovationLab (Heidelberg, Germany), the expert in printed electronics "from lab to fab", has been working with Trelleborg Sealing Solutions to integrate its printed sensors into an innovative logistics application. Trelleborg’s IntelliStok inventory management system eliminates the need for the manual scanning of items, thereby saving time, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.


The interior of the vehicle is changing for the better as the need for seamless and stylish solutions expands. The Motherson Group (Uttar Pradesh, India), a global Tier-1 automotive supplier, has a strong focus in smart surface solutions and enhancing the user experience. Now, the company is announcing two separate collaborations with startups whose technology is expected to add valued solutions to the group’s smart surface portfolio. One collaboration is with Sensel, a company with a focus in interactive touch technologies. The second collaboration is with Dycotec Materials, a UK based advanced materials startup which is developing and manufacturing transparent and non-transparent conductive, insulator and barrier layer inks and coatings. Motherson met both companies through Program 10 of Startup Autobahn Powered by Plug and Play.

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