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The Dutch technology incubator SALD BV has started the international delivery of equipment for "Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition" (SALD) for perovskite solar cells. Perovskite minerals are considered a new star in the solar cell sky because they are cheap, easy to process and efficient, but stability often leaves much to be desired. An atom-thin coating, as can be achieved with SALD technology, should make the cells significantly more robust. The global market for perovskite solar cells is forecast to be worth over two billion dollars by 2027.


Oxford PV (Oxford, UK), a leader in the field of perovskite solar cells, has been named a 2022 Global Cleantech 100 company.The 100 companies on the list by Cleantech Group, picked out of more than 10 000, represent the companies best positioned to deliver solutions that will take the world from commitments to actions in the sprint to net zero.


Scientists at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and Northern Illinois University (NIU) have successfully prevented lead from escaping damaged perovskite solar cells. The research effort is their latest work in addressing concerns about potential lead toxicity.

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