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Epishine’s unique production process brings further advancements to the solar energy industry

Swedish Epishine has made advancements for printed outdoor organic photovoltaics within the Solar Era funded project NFA4R2ROPV thanks to their breakthrough manufacturing process of roll-to-roll printed solar cells.

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Greek agro-voltaic products impress foreign agronomists

A group of 20 students from all over the world visited a one-of-a-kind greenhouse in Greece that operates exclusively with renewable energy sources and has 3rd generation photovoltaics on its roof.

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Heliatek: Ground-breaking OPV installation on undulating rooftops in Barcelona

“The inauguration of 29.5 kWp solar project on 28 February at the Port of Barcelona is a shining example of how we can harness the power of innovation and sustainability to build a better future,” stated Heliatek (Dresden, Germany) in a recent press release.

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