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infinityPV is a pioneer in printed solar cells (photo: infinityPV)

infinityPV opens the doors for printed solar cells through a series of workshops

One of the fastest growing technologies in the world is printed electronics with applications in consumer goods, healthcare, aerospace, electronics, etc. One such example with remarkable promises for the future of energy is printed solar cells.

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Frederik C. Krebs, CEO of infinityPV (photo: infinityPV)

infinityPV’s CEO calls for joined forces in the printed solar industry

For decades scientists have been pursuing an exceedingly ambitious goal: They hope to provide clean energy for the entire world. Solutions including fusion, wind, solar, and more are all in the works, each with their own sets of promises and costs. Frederik C. Krebs, CEO of infinityPV (Jyllinge, Denmark) sees one clear path to a renewable energy future: “Printed solar cells hold the promises of solving our energy needs - we have the technology, all needed materials are abundant, and we spend extremely limited energy producing them.”

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The ALABO project aims at developing a new generation of organic solar cell encapsulation technology (photo: Heliatek)

European research team achieves milestone in the laser structuring of organic solar cells

As part of the ALABO project, a research team has been working on the foundations for the next generation of organic solar cell encapsulation technology for the past three years. This month the research project has reached its completion, and it delivers impressive results.

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