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Solliance has further advanced power conversion efficiency for flexible solar cells (photo: Solliance)

Solliance tops 21.5% efficiency with flexible perovskite-CIGS tandem

Scientists at Solliance (Eindhoven, The Netherlands), in collaboration with MiaSole Hi-Tech Corp., fabricated a flexible solar cell with a record breaking power conversion efficiency of 21.5%. The solar cell combines two thin-film solar cell technologies into a 4 terminal tandem solar cell stack: a top flexible semi-transparent perovskite solar cell with a bottom flexible copper indium gallium selenide (CIGS) cell.

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A flexible solar panel from Midsummer (photo: Midsummer AB)

Solar energy company Midsummer receives major order

The solar technology company Midsummer (Stockholm Sweden), recently received  an order from US solar panel manufacturer Sunflare worth over US$7M for production equipment of thin film solar cells. The production equipment will be delivered to a new factory in China.

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Perovskite technology from Oxford PV (photo: Oxford PV)

Oxford PV perovskite solar cell achieves 28% efficiency

UK-based Oxford PV, a leader in the field of perovskite solar cells, recently announced a new, certified world record for its perovskite-based solar cell. Oxford PV’s 1cm2 perovskite-silicon tandem solar cell has achieved a 28% conversion efficiency, certified by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The achievement edges out Oxford PV’s own previous certified record of 27.3% efficiency for its perovskite-silicon solar cell, announced earlier in 2018.

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