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Ynvisible Interactive Inc. (Vancouver, Canada) has welcomed Piotr Wierzchowiec as new head of functional ink products & development. The company also concludes the expansion of its advisory board with three experts from the logistics and supply chain management, organic electronics, and technology venture capital industries.


The innovation "Printed Metals" from OrelTech GmbH was nominated for the Innovation Award Berlin Brandenburg 2020. The Berlin-based company submitted the innovation in this year's competition of the federal states of Berlin and Brandenburg and was nominated as one of ten companies for the Innovation Award.


CHASM Advanced Materials (Canton, Massachusetts) announced a strategic partnership with Henkel Adhesive Technologies (Düsseldorf, Germany), a global leading provider for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings. Henkel has certified and will carry one of CHASM’s Signis line of patented CNT inks under its LOCTITE brand. Specially formulated for superior optoelectronic performance and environmental robustness on a variety of flexible substrates, LOCTITE ECI 5006 E&C is screen printable for cost-effective transparent circuit production at high volumes.

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