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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for high-performance, resilient healthcare solutions worldwide. RFID technology contributes strongly to that by providing products for seamlessly tracking and tracing pharmaceutical items on a unit-of-use basis. DoseID, an industry consortium for the use of RFID technology in the healthcare and pharmaceutical space certifies RFID inlays for tracking of pharmaceuticals.


Identiv, Inc. (Fremont, California), a global leader in digital security and identification, recently joined the DoseID Consortium to strengthen its focus on radio frequency identification (RFID) applications in healthcare and participate in the development of industry standards for RFID use. DoseID connects industry participants from across the healthcare continuum to ensure RFID quality, performance, and interoperability for drug products and medical equipment. Identiv joins the consortium of leading healthcare companies sharing the mission and vision of DoseID to facilitate industry-wide collaboration for RFID healthcare standards.


Imec has extensive experience in developing sensor-based technology to monitor cardiorespiratory diseases and support patient wellbeing. Moving forward, the research centre has recently been looking into applying wearable sensor technology for so-called motion analysis, specifically in the case of post-operative knee rehabilitation. Working in close collaboration with orthopaedic specialists from Sports Medical centre TopSupport, they have now successfully taken their wearable sensor technology to a next level: providing orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists the tools to acquire measurable insights into rehabilitation outcomes.

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