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The number of COVID-19 patients is currently on the rise again, and with it the hospitalisation rate. To redistribute the burden on hospitals, patients are being transferred between different federal states. The flow sensor from Sensirion (Stäfa, Switzerland) is playing an important role in this, enabling gentle ventilation during transfer between intensive care units.


With an ageing population and increasing demand for adult care, smart solutions are a key element in making personal care better, all while ensuring discretion and dignity for the users of incontinence products. Henkel (Düsseldorf, Germany) has embraced this vision and turned the challenge into an opportunity: as part of its digital solution offering, Henkel is introducing Smart Adult Care.


Be it in the mobility, healthcare or packaging sector: Printed electronics are suitable for a wide range of uses. Compared to conventional, rigid solutions, printed electronics are flat, flexible and lightweight. As a result, they can be optimally adapted to diverse applications. Printed electronics are even utilised in wound healing. For Coldplasmatech GmbH’s plasma therapy, Schreiner ProTech has recently developed a new EIF (Electronics in Film) product that’s an essential component of the company’s PlasmaPatch or CPTpatch.

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