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Pioneering UK manufacturer, Promethean Particles, is collaborating with textile companies and leading research facilities to explore the anti-viral effects of its novel copper nanoparticles designed for use in fabrics and personal protective equipment (PPE) for the healthcare sector.


Swiss start-up Adamant Innotech and CSEM (Neuchâtel, Switzerland) are developing a rapid, highly sensitive serological test to determine if a person has been previously infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the causative agent of COVID-19) and other types of viruses. The device will be based on mature optical microarray technology already used in other medical applications. The new biosensor is intended to give results in one to two hours after simultaneously probing for up to 20 different types of antibodies while tracing for various past infections, such as COVID-19, Influenza or SARS.


Interlink Electronics, Inc. (Camarillo, California), a global provider of HMI sensors and IoT solutions, announced that it has quadrupled its output of components used in the making of lifesaving equipment in support of the relief effort against the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes Interlink's patented Ring Sensor, a touch-operated, wheel-shaped sensor used in non-invasive ventilators that assist COVID-19 patients experiencing respiratory distress. The sensors are designed to be operated by users wearing gloves, and can also withstand quick deep cleanings – both ideal features for any hospital or medical environment.

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