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In its most recent technical article, TechBlick will be highlighting the depth and breadth of innovation in the display industry. The article includes more than 40 individual images and charts showcasing various innovations in microLED, microOLEDs, quantum dots, printed displays, phosphors, TFTs, AI in displays, reflective displays, nanoimprinting, AR/VR and beyond.


TechBlick will host its third fully-virtual event on Tuesday, 11 and Wednesday, 12 May, starting at 2pm CEST. This time, the experts on emerging technologies have put together a world-class speaker programme focussing on two topics: “Printed, Hybrid, Structural and 3D Electronics” and “Quantum Dots: Material Innovations & Commercial Applications”.


In his latest article, Dr Khasha Ghaffarzadeh, CEO of TechBlick, who has tracked and analysed the graphene, carbon nanotube, and 2D material industry for over ten years now, will offer a tour of some interesting developments in the field.

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