News (flexible electronics)

BASF's improved composition of semiconductor inks opens up new possibilities in the manufacture of LCD and OLED screens on plastic substrates

Researchers at BASF SE, a globally active chemistry corporation based in Ludwigshafen, Germany, have succeeded in improving the composition of individual semiconductor ink components to double the mobility of the charge carriers in the printed circuits. This is expected to allow a further reduction of the structures in size and to produce high-resolution LCD or OLED screens on plastic substrates.

The FlexCam metrology module from 4D Technology

The 4D Technology Corporation, a manufacturer of optical metrology systems based in Tucson (AZ), USA, has recently unveiled its new FlexCam metrology module. The new device is a compact, high-resolution 3D metrology system for in-situ roll-to-roll measurement of flexible electronics. FlexCam modules are reported to provide sub-nanometre vertical resolution and micrometre-scale lateral resolution for in-process roughness and defect quantification for the measurement of substrates, barrier films and intermediate layers.

Soligie offers printed electronics applications for many different sectors

Molex Incorporated, a global manufacturer of complete interconnect solutions with headquarters in Lisle (IL) USA, has announced the acquisition of certain assets of Soligie, Inc. The Minnesota-based company specialises in printed and flexible electronic solutions for applications in medical, military, industrial, lighting and consumer goods. Products range from sensor systems, medical wearables, LED lighting, specialised RFID labels, and devices that enable the Internet of Things (IoT).

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