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Bill Macdonald of DuPont Teijin receives the award from IDTechEx CEO Raghu Das

DuPont Teijin Films, a UK-based, polyester film-producing joint venture between DuPont and Teijin Limited, has been recognised with the Technical Development Materials Award at the IDTechEx Printed Electronics Conference and Tradeshow 2015 in Berlin, Germany. The award was given for the most significant technical development over the last 24 months in the material development field.

Flex-o-Fab flexible OLED demonstrator

Researchers from the EU-funded Flex-o-Fab project have successfully fabricated working OLED devices on a flexible barrier layer produced in a roll-to-roll process. The Flex-o-Fab project aims to help bring flexible OLEDs to the market by 2018. It brings together companies and institutes with strong background in organic electronics from across Europe and is coordinated by the Dutch research institute Holst Centre.

A schematic illustration of Apple's latest patent for flexible electronics in mobile devices

The American consumer electronics giant Apple has been granted a patent for foldable and flexible mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. The new technology is reported to protect the devices from damages caused by dropping and offers new input options. For example, certain video games could be controlled by bending or folding the device, claim the developers. In more general terms, bending could be used to switch the hardware on or off.

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