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LG Display's rollable OLED display

LG Display, a leading innovator and designer of display technologies with headquarters in Seoul, Korea, has showcased its latest products for the OLED market at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016, which took place in Las Vegas (NV), USA, from 6-9 January.

Stretchable insulating resin film with electronic circuit (Panasonic Corporation)

The Panasonic Corporation, a leading consumer electronics provider based in Osaka, Japan, has presented a soft, flexible, and stretchable polymer resin film using its proprietary stretchable resin technology. The company will also provide a transparent electrode material and conductive paste along with this insulating film.

Dr Sang Beom Han, CEO and President of LG Display

The Korean-based electronics corporation LG Display Co. has announced a major investment in its P10 production line. The new construction of a display production plant costs approximately $8.7bn and includes capacities for the development of new, more efficient displays.

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