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Large area OLCD concepts (from left): 1) A curved LCD in the car's A-pillar to eliminate the blind spot; 2) and 3) Plastic LCDs used for digital signage 4) A curved display used in digital fashion (photo: FlexEnable)

FlexEnable’s new 12.1“ LCD platform delivers large area flexible displays for next generation product designs

FlexEnable (Cambridge, UK), a leading company dedicated to the development and industrialisation of flexible organic electronics, developed a 12.1” glass-free, conformable organic liquid crystal display (OLCD) marking an important milestone in the commercialisation of large area flexible displays. The technology is compatible with existing LCD production lines, and is scalable to even larger area displays to meet the immediate market needs for applications including automotive, consumer electronics, and digital signage.

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Wearable solar cells from Holst Centre

OE-A demonstrates numerous application opportunities in consumer electronics at CES 2017

Currently, the most interesting and fastest-growing application areas of printed electronics are in the sectors of wearables, automotive and in the Internet of Things. Smart labels, smart watches, intelligent clothing and dashboards are just a few examples of end-use products which printed electronics can be integrated into.

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A T-shirt with an integrated interactive game from NovaCentrix and Eurecat

From vision to project – OE-A Competition 2016 showcases innovative ideas at LOPEC 2016

Already in its fifth year, the Organic Electronics Association (OE-A) organises a competition for its members from all different sectors of organic and printed electronics. Numerous international companies, research institutes and universities take part in this annual competition to present their ideas, prototypes, and concepts.

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