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TactoTek (Oulu, Finland), the developer of injection moulded structural electronics (IMSE), and DuraTech Industries (Lacrosse, Wisconsin), have announced a licensing agreement. DuraTech is a TactoTek Design and Innovate licensee with rights to sell, design, and produce parts that use TactoTek’s intellectual property which includes 44 patent families with over 130 granted patents, as well as extensive trade secrets and know-how for designing and producing IMSE parts. DuraTech will create and deliver IMSE solutions for its customers in North America and around the world from production facilities in the USA.


Canatu (Vantaa, Finland), has the long-term goal to deliver more sustainable technology and products to its customers. To decrease its environmental impact, Canatu has shifted from fossil fuels to renewable energy. Last year, the company invested in a new transformer to secure its electricity needs in the future while also enabling a switch to wind as an alternating energy source.


OLEDWorks, a leading global manufacturer of OLED lighting technology for automotive applications, are the supplier of digital OLED lighting in the new Audi A8. Digital OLED rear lighting is a standard feature in this model, offering customers up to four different light signatures in the A8 model range.

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