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Marquardt: Control panels make household devices smarter

The smart home helps its residents to get through everyday life in a relaxed and comfortable way. Household appliances contribute to this with multiple benefits, as mechatronics manufacturer Marquardt GmbH (Rietheim-Weilheim, Germany) shows with its new control panels. Not only do they look good, they also adapt to the habits of their users. Almost all household appliances can be equipped with the visually high-quality and technically innovative control panels – from washing machines, dryers and dishwashers, cookers and ovens to coffee machines. Marquardt is thus heralding the next evolutionary stage in the operation of white goods.

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LOPEC 2024 presents printed electronics for a sustainable future

The latest products and trends in flexible, organic and printed electronics are once again the focus of LOPEC, which will take place in Munich from 5-7 March 2024. Each year, the industry's leading exhibition and most important conference brings together manufacturers, users and scientists from all over the world to present innovations, discuss current developments and initiate cutting edge projects together.

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DELO: New semicon adhesive propels autonomous driving forward

DELO (Windach, Germany) has developed a flexible electronics adhesive that permanently seals sensor housings airtight and thus reliably protects components such as image sensors. DELO DUALBOND BS3770 meets the stringent requirements of the semiconductor and automotive industries and helps drive innovation in autonomous driving.

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