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Canatu discusses film heaters at DVN LiDAR

This year at DVN LiDAR, Canatu (Vantaa, Finland) showcased brand new demos and discussed the latest advancements in film heaters for LiDAR de-icing and de-fogging. During his presentation, CEO Juha Kokkonen, outlined the key benefits of Canatu LiDAR heaters and highlighted the company’s strong industry collaborations, increased manufacturing capacity, and product reliability.

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Canatu: Presentation on membranes at SEMICON Europa

During the Executive Forum on Materials Innovation at SEMICON Europa 2023 Emma Salmi, Head of Synthesis, presented ‘Canatu carbon nanotube membranes as a versatile material platform for EUV lithography.’ She highlighted the benefits of Canatu’s (Vantaa, Finland) unique carbon nanotube manufacturing process, emphasised the expertise gained from mass-producing EUV membranes since 2021, and elaborated on the customisation of these membranes for diverse applications such as EUV pellicles, debris filters and optical filters, highlighting remarkable versatility they offer.

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Finnish consortium led by VTT joins €40M EU project to address global challenges of e-waste and finite electronic materials with sustainable solutions

Collaborating on wearables, health monitoring, automotive dashboards, smart product passport labels and single-use diagnostics, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is part of an unprecedented effort with altogether 46 partners from 11 EU countries. With new EU legislation concerning the sustainability of products around the corner, the push for more environmentally friendly electronics intensifies. Canatu participates in a single-use diagnostic pilot which seeks to revolutionise home glucose metabolism testing by introducing an environmentally advanced solution.

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