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The new DuPont PE827 and PE828 low-temperature inks cure at as low as 60°C, opening up the possibility for printed electronics designers to use less expensive plastic films

American-based DuPont Microcircuit Materials is launching electronic inks that cure quickly at low temperatures, expanding the possibility of printing electronics onto an entirely new group of plastic films.

Sensors based on surface acoustic waves for influenza A detection

Sensors based on special sound waves known as surface acoustic waves (SAWs) are capable of detecting tiny amounts of antigens of influenza A viruses. These sensors have been developed by A*STAR, Singapore’s Agency for Science, Technology and Research, and have the potential to detect viral infections rapidly and reliably at the point-of-care, making them powerful tools for combating future pandemics.

  ISORG specialises in photo-detectors and large area image sensors
ISORG specialises in photo-detectors and large area image sensors

ISORG, a spin-off from the French printed electronics laboratory CEA Liten, which is specialised in the development of photo-detectors and large area image sensors based on organic and printed electronics, just announced that it was able to gather investments of 6.4M Euros.

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