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The RFID sensor platform from Schreiner PrinTronics

Schreiner Printronics, the German-based Schreiner Group’s competence centre for printed electronics, will be part of the “Innovation Showcase” of LOPEC 2017 in Munich, Germany, on 29 and 30 March. The company will be presenting a world first: a printed RFID sensor platform featuring a complex label with electrical functions.

The fabric substrate SEFAR TCS Planar

Developing a low-cost, efficient method of increasing the attractiveness of OLEDs for lighting poses a significant challenge. Thanks to a CTI project, the micro- and nanotechnology R&D centre CSEM and Sefar AG (both from Switzerland) have succeeded in designing a promising state-of-the-art way of achieving this aim. This technology is reported to open up new opportunities for applications in residential, professional lighting segments, as well as consumer electronics.

The new biomedical sensor hub from imec and Holst Centre

Imec, a leading R&D centre for nano-electronics and digital technology based in Leuven, Belgium, and Holst Centre (Eindhoven, The Netherlands) have announced a new sensor hub integrated as system-on-chip (SoC) intended for a broad range of wearable health devices and applications. The SoC combines an unprecedented number of biomedical analogue interfaces into a single chip, on-board digital signal processing, high fidelity operation, and multi-day monitoring capability with a single battery.

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