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Printed electronics is decidedly on the move. Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is no longer a niche technology. It is already being used to great effect in many areas of everyday life: in our passports, ID cards and travel cards, clothes, library books, and much more. The vast scale and intricacy of the RFID market also offers new opportunities for the printing industry. With this in mind, ISBC from Singapore has developed and presented on the market an innovative product: ISBC RFID Paper. The product is sheet-fed and made with 100% fibre-based Swiss Matt paper substrate from specialty paper manufacturer Sappi. RFID chips are embedded into the paper sheets causing no effect over the paper surface – it remains flat and smooth.


Identiv, Inc. (Fremont, California), a global leader in digital security and identification, recently joined the DoseID Consortium to strengthen its focus on radio frequency identification (RFID) applications in healthcare and participate in the development of industry standards for RFID use. DoseID connects industry participants from across the healthcare continuum to ensure RFID quality, performance, and interoperability for drug products and medical equipment. Identiv joins the consortium of leading healthcare companies sharing the mission and vision of DoseID to facilitate industry-wide collaboration for RFID healthcare standards.


A wide variety of applications for RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) can be found in everyday life, be it when paying at a supermarket cash register terminal, driving past a toll gate or checking out books from a library. But the contactless storage and reading of data plays a particularly important role in manufacturing and logistics. The comprehensive RFID Starter Kit from Schreiner Services easily paves the way into this modern technology and helps prevent potential challenges.

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