News (RFID)

A RAIN RFID label (photo: DELO)

DELO Industrial Adhesives (Windach, Germany), Mühlbauer (Roding, Germany) and Impinj, Inc. (Seattle, Washington) have announced a new milestone in the effort to achieve high-volume inlay manufacturing. The three RAIN RFID industry leaders have successfully teamed to deliver DELO MONOPOX AC6545, supporting the high-speed assembly of copper-bonded RFID chips such as the Impinj Monza 6 family on Mühlbauer high speed assembly lines.

An application example of PragmatIC’s ConnectIC (photo: PragmatIC)

PragmatIC (Cambridge,UK), a leader in ultra-low-cost flexible electronics, has announced that in just two months it has received orders for over 20 million flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs). Orders from customers in Europe, North America and Asia endorse PragmatIC’s unique technology platform as the ideal solution for introducing connectivity into mass market applications.

Mühlbauer’s TAL15000 line for flip-chip RFID inlay production (photo: Mühlbauer)

Mühlbauer (Roding, Germany), a proven technology supplier of RFID and smart label production and personalisation solutions, and PragmatIC (Cambridge, UK), a pioneer in ultra-low cost flexible electronics, announce their strategic partnership to deliver solutions that support the integration of PragmatIC’s unique flexible integrated circuits (FlexICs).

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