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Tageos introduces new tyre tagging RFID inlays

Tageos (Montpellier, France), a global leader in RFID inlays and tags, has launched its EOS-460 U9 RAIN RFID inlays specifically designed for market-leading performance in inventory control applications for tyres and other rubberised items. The new products fully comply with ARC RFID Lab specification T, hence meet the requirements defined for the tyre industry.

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Schreiner PrinTrust: 10 years of RFID tolls in the Warnow Tunnel

It is one of the most modern road tunnels in Europe, saves thousands of commuters the stop-and-go through Rostock's city centre every day and, with the RFID Windshield Label by Schreiner PrinTrust (Oberschleißheim, Germany), has an automatic payment system that has proven its worth for a decade now.

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Identiv’s NFC-enabled smart packaging drives outstanding results for OTACA Tequila

Identiv, Inc. (Fremont, California), a globally active digital security and identification leader in the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced the successful completion of the pilot launch of its near field communication (NFC)-enabled smart packaging for OTACA Tequila. With over 5000 bottles of tequila successfully digitised during the pilot launch, OTACA plans to ramp its production plans with Identiv to an additional 50 000 bottles of Reposado tequila in the first quarter of 2023.

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