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Printed flexible electronic circuit from NTU Singapore

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore has successfully printed complex electronic circuits using a common t-shirt printer. The electronic circuits are printed using unique materials in layers on top of everyday flexible materials such as plastic, aluminium foil and even paper. Resistors, transistors and capacitors, the key components of a complex electronic circuit, are printed using non-toxic organic materials like silver nanoparticles, carbon and plastics.

DPP's technology for passive RFID antennas is now entering the market thanks to the cooperation with Mühlbauer

DP Patterning AB (DPP), subsidiary of the Swedish non-profit electronic research institute Acreo, has signed a contract with the smart card, smart label and semiconductor producer Mühlbauer Group from Roding, Germany. The agreement gives Mühlbauer exclusive rights to exploit passive RFID antennas on the market. This unique manufacturing technology had been developed by Norrköping-based DPP.

  An example of ((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD in use
An example of ((rfid))-DistaFerr ESD in use

With “((rfid))-Dista Ferr ESD” German Schreiner LogiData presents a new RFID solution that is said offer a solution to problems conventional RFID labels have, like poor reading results on ESD containers and ESD production racks.

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