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A smart moulded structure (photo: TactoTek)

Recently, TactoTek announced the opening of its new manufacturing and corporate headquarters facilities in Oulu, Finland, initiating a new phase of company growth. “In early 2016, TactoTek’s project pipeline began growing dramatically and foreshadowed additional production capacity requirements and staffing needs, so we started evaluating alternatives for larger facilities,” noted Jussi Harvela, CEO.

Michael Ciesinski, president of FlexTech Alliance (photo: SEMI)

The semiconductor industry association SEMI and its printed electronics strategic partner FlexTech have signed a memorandum of understanding with the Canadian Printable Electronics Industry Association CPEIA. The partners want to support each other’s programmes and drive the continued development and adoption of printable, flexible hybrid, and wearable electronics.

PragmatIC’s leased facilities at the UK’s National Printable Electronics Centre

PragmatIC (Cambridge, UK), a leader in ultra-low cost flexible electronics, has secured agreements for installation of its first FlexLogIC system capable of producing billions of flexible integrated circuits. FlexLogIC is a self-contained, fully automated, modular “fab-in-a-box” for high throughput manufacturing of flexible plastic semiconductor devices. With the concept announced a year ago,

PragmatIC has now completed design and engineering work, and the final specification delivers both higher capacity and lower production cost than the original concept.

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